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Oh Sausage’s!

spices and ashy party 206I love Italian food, and I love the flavor of a good Italian sausage!  Italian sausage really consists of 4 main seasonings. Italian seasoning of course; which commonly has oregano, basil, and thyme is one.  Garlic, paprika and fennel are usually the other three.  When you combine those seasonings with the ground meat of your choice; something AMAZING happens, you get Italian sausage!

What is super nice about this Month’s Spice of the Month, Harvest Blends “Amazing Spice Blend” is you get the mixture of all those seasonings in one convenient easy to use package. No measuring or mixing needed.  Just sprinkle in about 1 Tbsp. of blend per lb. of meat while it’s cooking, and you have created the “amazing” flavor of Italian sausage.

Another benefit of having a blend of your own to make Italian sausage is you can control what is in the meat, and if or what you choose to case it in. Most Italian sausages are made from pork, and pork is high in fat.  In some instances extra fat is even added into the lean meat.  Pork also is not necessarily the healthiest choice of meat.  Pigs carry parasites that can be passed through the meat to humans, especially if not cooked properly.  Since pigs do not sweat, they are not able to release toxins like other animals with perspiration.  I can’t say my family never eats pork.  Though we do limit the amount we eat to very minimal amounts throughout the year.  I think my husband would prefer we did not eat it at all.

Since I do love the flavor of Italian sausage, I enjoy making our own at home. Making sausage from scratch is super easy, and it also takes the worry out of trying to avoid the food additives often found in grocery bought packaged meats.  Some of the things on my “do not eat list” like MSG, carrageenan, high sodium and nitrates are often found in store bought sausages.  Instead of purchasing packaged meats with such additives, I can choose a nice lean healthy organic meat like ground turkey or chicken, grass fed beef, buffalo or even venison, and simply make a nice ground sausage myself.

For step by step instructions on how to make “amazing” Italian sausage, and for more recipes to go with your home made sausage, check out the member’s area of the Spice Club. If you are not a member, you can get access now by clicking this link.

Hope you have an Amazing day! Coming up next month I’ll have more on “Italian Seasoning”.  I can’t wait to share with you all the health facts I’ve been finding out about dried herbs and spices!

Rachel Moger

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