Healthy Step by Step Meals in Minutes

Cooking Class

The Healthy cooking class is designed to meet people where they are at. Whether you are just
looking for some basic tips on cooking in general, or need to be inspired to try something new.
Everyone finds a new tip they can try at home. Each person may also have unique dietary needs,
and so during class I often give replacement suggestions for grains, dairy, and sugar. This class
is designed to enlighten and inspire. My favorite thing to hear from class participants is “I’m so
excited I can’t wait to go home and make this myself”. Here’s what you can expect.

Getting Started

Cooking has become a loss art. People are so busy now, eating has become about convince and
often we may not be taking the time to understand what’s in the foods we eat, let alone how to
prepare them. I often hear that people know they should eat more healthy foods, but that they
just don’t know how to prepare them, or they were never taught how to cook, and they simply
just don’t know where to begin. To address this issue, I give as many tips as possible from how
to shop to how to chop. So when they go shopping they are confident that the foods they’ve
learned to select and cook are healthy choices that are easy to prepare and will be enjoyed by the
entire family.

Flavorful Foods

Most people tend to think that cooking and eating healthy, means you have to get used to eating
things that taste like cardboard. In reality it’s just the opposite. I have found you don’t have to
lose out on any of the flavors or textures that make eating enjoyable. With the healthy cooking
tips I get the opportunity to share all of the easy ways I have found to prepare food without
missing out on any of the flavors. In fact I love big bold flavors and I love encouraging others to
be willing to experiment in the kitchen. It’s all about taste!

Meal Planning

The Lord has given me a passion to help bring more families and individuals back to the table for
freshly prepared healthy meals. People these days are concerned about time and money. Since I
am a mother of three, helping manage my husbands practice, and am actively involved our health
ministry, I know what it’s like to be pressed for time. That’s why I enjoy teaching the meal
planning portion of this class. I give lots of time saving tips on food preparation and budget
friendly guidance on meal planning, in new ways maybe people haven’t thought of.

Replacement Table

One of my favorite things is the replacement table. I realize it can be a bit intimidating trying to
understand labels, and wondering what will taste good, when purchasing new products. Some
times that fear can leave you feeling like you just don’t even know where to begin. That’s why
I’ve partnered with local health foods stores. To bring to the class a wide variety of healthier
versions of some of the most common packaged foods many families and individuals are eating
every day. It really helps to get tips on how to transition into healthier choices. With my weekly
Healthy cooking tips, I can show viewers what to look for when they go shopping.
There are so many wonderful tasty whole foods to choose from. My hope is that people are
inspired to being more creative in the kitchen. The Healthy cooking class is informative
and a lot of fun. I hope you can join us…

Now let’s get cooking shall we!

Ever feel stuck in a rut, making the same old weeknight meals over and over?

Are you short on time and looking for budget friendly ways to feed yourself or your family?

Do you want to cook more Healthy Meals from scratch but feel a bit overwhelmed?

Are you concerned about your diet or maybe even wanting to slim down a bit?

Join the Club! … The Spice Club!!!