I went from $70,000 to clipping coupons all in one day!

grass-fed-beef-chiliHow was your weekend?
Mine was great! My husband Ken and I had our very good friends over for a BBQ on Saturday. Of course it was amazing! My girlfriend CP used my Harvest Blends Steak Rub and marinade recipe on the steak, so that’s always cool when I get to hear people say “wow this is really good” and the response is “thanks, it’s because I used Rachel’s spices, and followed her steak rub and marinade recipe” ….I liked that 
The next day the kids talked Ken and me into a day of “playing Monopoly”. Yes, I did say “a day of playing” Monopoly, and if you have ever played the game, that statement probably either brought on a smile or a shrug!
For me it’s kind of both. I smile because I enjoy spending quality time with my family. I shrug because usually as the day goes on “with the game of monopoly” your either making deals just to stay alive, forcing the people you love to mortgage their belongings, or wishing you’d get sent to jail!
Well as the luck of the dice would have it, and about 5 hours into this particular game… I managed to win, and with only two monopolies – which was kind of weird! However, I ended up with about $70,000 cash money! Woowhooo! Then it was back to reality and off to the grocery store, to re stock the fridge for the busy week to come.
At the store, I found my self-drawn into purchasing items off the shelf that had some instant coupons, as well as checking off my list. When I arrived at the checkout, I had a rather full cart! The checkout clerk made reference to how much it was going to cost me. I almost said to her “out load”, what was floating around in my head. It went something like…”You know I just had $70K cash in my hands lady; I realize I was handing over coupons and such. However, I just came from a world of total domination being able to buy what I want, when I want; staying in nice hotels”…you get the picture!
Well I didn’t, and as the second grocery clerk helped me out to the car, I was given another “gosh you sure bought a lot of stuff” comment. I think she said “so did you stock up for the whole week?” They were all being very nice, and just making conversation, however it made me chuckle, thinking about my recent monopoly game win.
Why did I choose to share this story with you? Well mostly because it’s fun! However, as I am typing now, my whole house is filled with the amazing smell of chili. I had purchased everything I needed to make chili today, at the store on Sunday. Of course I made the Chili from Scratch with my Harvest Blends Chili ready mix, and followed my girlfriend Sam’s “some like it hot Venison Chili recipe”. Last night we had wild caught Salmon with curried lentils, and tomorrow I know I am making Taco’s, Thursday we are having left overs and on Friday Chicken Soup.
Yes, I had a full cart! However, I had used coupons to save a little cash, I had pre planed the meals for the week, and I have a game plan for my week to go smoothly with meal planning. AND, I did not have to pass go or collect $200 hundred dollars to do it! I just follow the methods I out line with my weekly Healthy Cooking tips on a regular basis, and everything works out quite nicely.
Even though it might have been fun to actually have that $70K in my pocket… watching our budget, meal planning, and providing nutrient rich meals for my family is part of my weekly routine. I’m truly thankful for it, along with the blessings of enjoying less stress, a healthy life style, and quality time with my family!
I think next Sunday the Moger crew should play “the Game of Life” and we shall see what my visit to the grocery store looks like after that! 
PS… next week I will also be releasing the Members page for Spice Club members! I am so super excited to share all the recipes, and videos, healthy cooking tips and Spice Club bonuses with you! Next moths Spice Club members will be receiving Harvest Blends “Amazing Blend” and let me tell you, everyone that uses this blend says “it’s truly AMAZING”, so you’re in for a real treat!

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