Ever feel stuck in a rut, making the same old weeknight meals over and over?
Are you short on time and looking for budget friendly ways to feed yourself or your family?
Do you want to cook more Healthy Meals from scratch but feel a bit overwhelmed?
Are you concerned about your diet or maybe even wanting to slim down a bit?

Join the Club! … The Spice Club!!!



Harvest Blends Spice Monthly Selection

Every month, spice club members receive a unique. wholesome spice blend Spice-monthly-selectionchosen to complement the theme and cultural season. Each spice blend is more than enough to make 4-6 meals, and comes with healthy cooking tips, recipes, cooking videos, nutritional benefits, health tips, and more.     $12.95 Value

Weekly Recipes

To make it super simple to use up your entire blend, you will receive easy to follow step by step recipes each week. No more will be the spice or seasoning that sits in your cupboard for lack of knowing what to do with it! weekly-recipesYour monthly spices also come with simple suggestions to quickly enhance food and flavors, as a condiment, for sauces, soups, meals, and other family favorites.          $14.99 value 

Video clips for each spice Blend

In addition to written recipes you will also receive 5 recipe videos via internet. Specifically designed to help you get the most use out of your spices!   Professionally filmed yet short and simple, showing you the step by step process for each highlighted recipe.  [/ezcol_1half]


Plus spice of the month members will receive lots of great healthy cooking tips;  including cooking on a budget, from scratch, sugar and oil substitutions, meal planning including what to do with left overs and more.      $35 Value

Healthful Herbs and Spices

Did you know that certain herbs and spices possess healthful, healing and cleansing benefits? Yep!  And Harvest Blends prides itself on a pure organic fresh product!  healthful-herbs-and-spicesMembers receive herbs and spices picked at their flavorful, freshest and most potent and powerful peak.  You will never find anti caking agents, fillers, artificial colors, flavors or food additives of any kind in our blends.

Your health is priceless! 

Spice club Membership Discounts

That’s not all!!! Spice club members will receive an additional 10% off all Harvest Blendsspices AND Healthy Cookingclasses & DVD’s.   Yes!…Spice Club discount includes regularly priced, and sale items!  Plus receive special bonuses, free gifts and surprise offers exclusively for members only!  With 100% money back guarantee, that you will be satisfied with your membership! [/ezcol_1half_end]


All of this for just $15.99 per month!!!


Already a member? Come on in!