My Favorite Time Of Year…Soup Time!

Hearty Winter StewNothing comforts more than healthy, hearty soups during the cool fall & winter months. I love using simple yet satisfying ingredients, flavored to warm you all the way down to your toes. My big soup pot and my crock pot will easily become my two favorite kitchen necessities over the next few months. It’s a big deal around the house, when the first fire in our wood stove is lit for the season. Rain is in the forecast and I am so ready for the warm fire, snuggly blanket and a nice hearty bowl of soup!

If you are in the Spice Club, you have already received your Spice of the Month for October “Amazing Blend”. This blend is truly “Amazing”, and it is my favorite soup making blend! It combines the flavors of two other Harvest Blends special spice blends; Italian Seasoning, and Chili Powder, and adds in its own twist with fennel and sweet paprika. However, it hasn’t always been called “Amazing”. It started as an “Italian Sausage” Blend.

Here’s why we changed the name to be “Amazing Blend”, because you can do so much more than make sausage with this blend. I love adding about 2 Tbsp. Amazing Blend to almost any pot of soup. It’s “amazing” in beans or with lentils. Sprinkle it over chicken, rub into a whole baked chicken, or make “amazing” meat loaf. It’s “amazing” over potatoes, add it to stuffing, or sneak some in your lasagna. Put it in stuffed mushrooms, or make an “amazing” Italian stir fry. Try it in tomato sauce; sprinkle it over fish, or stir it up with scrambled eggs for an “amazing” breakfast.

Basically this blend gives whatever you put it on that unique Italian sausage flavor. So what can you create in your kitchen, that you wouldn’t mind sneaking a little sausage flavor into, to make it “Amazing”?
My oldest daughter Katelyn was actually who suggested we should change the name of this blend. She said “mom we should change the name to Philippians 4:13” which says I can do all this through him who gives me strength”. I loved it but thought…”well it might be hard for people to know what to do with a spice called “P413” what if we just call it “Amazing”.

This Wednesday, I am hosting a Healthy Cooking Class at the Office called “Soups On”. I’ll be providing tips on… Broths, Slow Cooking, and Soups that boost immunity. We will be making 3 soups in class; Roasted Pumpkin Bisque, Hearty Minestrone Soup, & Chicken with Lime Chili. We will also make Italian Sausage from scratch using the Harvest Blends “Amazing Blend”. Class time is 6:30-8:30, cost is only $45 and if you are a Spice Club member you get a 10% discount! There are still a few seats left, call the office to register 916-722-5050.

Today I am prepping for this class. It’s awesome because my family LOVES when I hold the “Soups Class”. When they get home, the house will be filled with the warm aroma of sautéed onions, garlic, fennel, and parsley, and I’ll be ready to snuggle up on my favorite spot on the couch, with a nice bowl of hearty winter stew!

Don’t forget to check out my web site for my favorite recipes for soups!


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