Healthy Step by Step Meals in Minutes


Awesome! So many great ideas! I love these classes! Each one of your classes is nutritionally informative, full of humor, and I always get excited about trying the recipes at home. I have learned so much on how to cook healthier, in a simple way. I prepared and served 4 of my friends the pecan crusted chicken, it was a huge hit!”
Elyse K. Brucks

Great, and very informative. I love how Rachel makes us feel like a guest in her home. I have been over whelmed at the thought of the do’s and don’ts. We really try to eat healthy, but this was going to a whole new level. Now I see the possibility of doing this even with a 3 and 10 month old. I look forward to more classes in the future. Thank you.”
Corinne Paul

I want you to know what a blessing this has been in my life. I only wish I would have known all this 30 years ago! I was raised on boxed and canned foods and fast food. My mom worked a lot and I had no idea what to do with fresh veggies. I would look at them in the store, know I should be eating them, but didn’t know how. Thank you so much for dedicating your lives to this, so other people can learn.”
Jan Greene

I loved it. It gives me healthy ways to eat, especially when I’m busy and single. My Favorite tip was how to make cooking healthy and fun, and I don’t have to feel I’m sacrificing anything.”
June Kuphaldt

Excellent! Great ideas and new recipes.”
“Great ideas – so quick and easy!”
Ami Comi

“I learned a lot. The dishes were incredible. I know my family will love them”.
Helen Tolson

Very enjoyable and family oriented as well”
Pam Bechthold

Good information, good preparation, good assistance, I could tell that Rachel knew her material. The tips where good.”
Ilene Martzen

Loved this class because I really love to make soups in Fall and Winter. I’m excited about the broccoli soup as I have a recipe but it is not healthy. Each one of your classes is nutritionally informative, full of humor, and I always get excited about trying the recipes at home.”

Excellent, well presented, and useful information”

Reva Cupler

Wonderful, informative, and fun. It was awesome. ”
Lynn Ono

Wow! Excellent! Thank you for your time. It inspires me to try new things.”
Tracy Morris

Wow! Awesome!! What a doll! I am inspired that healthy cooking will taste good for my family. I had a blast. Have classes more often!”
Jackie Brendel

Excellent! I am excited about sharing the recipes with my family.” It was like a whole new world was opened up to me.”
Cecilia Hill

It was great-everything tasted wonderful and I will definitely be making some of these at home. I loved the chicken, the cannon balls where great, but the strawberry mango ice cream had to be my favorite!”
Dana Bardon

Excellent! I like the biblical principles along with the cooking classes.”
Teresa Schofield

A lot of fun. Favorite healthy cooking tip was that I can freeze what I’ve prepared with it still tasting good”

“Great information with ideas on how to find affordable ingredients.”
Diane Davis

Great! Thank you Rachel. My favorite recipe was the lemon garlic broccoli.”
Ellen Whitworth

Awesome! The spices bring food so alive.”
Alena Trimble

4 Stars! This is sooo inspirational.”
Peggy Williams

Totally, Totally, Totally- Inspirational- Everything!”
David John Torres

Good Ideas, fun, good information, great food.”
Paula Dolin

Extreemly informative – thanks for doing the basics”
Leslie Mendoza

Loved it. Found it very informative, I’m thankful that God has raised you up to do this ministry.”
Nina Waters

Ever feel stuck in a rut, making the same old weeknight meals over and over?

Are you short on time and looking for budget friendly ways to feed yourself or your family?

Do you want to cook more Healthy Meals from scratch but feel a bit overwhelmed?

Are you concerned about your diet or maybe even wanting to slim down a bit?

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