What are you stirring up this Friday?

Italian Stir fryAfter a busy week, I’m often left with nothing but odds and ends in my refrigerator.  Come Friday, not only is the fridge starting to look lean, my creativity for the week night meals can tend to be running thin as well.  Sound familiar?

When that’s my situation, I love to take out my big cast iron frying pan, add a little olive oil, dice up just about any veggies I have remaining in the fridge to throw in, and I sometimes I’ll even add in some left overs.  Then all I have to do is sprinkle on some amazing flavor with one of my organic harvest blends, and I’ve just created a master piece!  It’s just that simple!  In fact, I do this so often, I’ve even begin to call the dinner theme for Fridays “Stir Friday”.

If you’re in the Spice Club you received Harvest Blends “Amazing Blend” this month, and oh my goodness gracious, it is absolutely “amazing” for making Italian Stir Fry!  I love the sweet taste of the fennel and paprika along with the oregano and basil in the Italian seasoning, that’s in this blend.  Add in a little fresh parsley, thyme and or garlic, and you have created something super simple with “AMAZING” flavor!

For a complete recipe, the one I often use when making Italian Stir Fry, just click on the recipe tab on my web site or check out your Spice Club Members area to watch the video of me preparing it in my own kitchen.

Life can be crazy busy, over complicated, and crammed in with too much stress!  Yuck, who wants a Friday like that!  Don’t forget, healthy cooking can be super-fast, have amazing flavor, and more often than not, it’s totally easy on the budget!

So I say, simplify a bit without losing out on the fun or flavor!  This Friday, stir up a fun dish, unwind, and maybe even have a nice glass of Chianti to go with your Italian Stir Fry.  And… have a Happy Stir Friday!

Rachel Moger


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